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Address: Nansha Industrial Zone, Danzao Town, Foshan, China.

Since the establishment of Qi De New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., it has made great efforts to stabilize the domestic market and actively expand overseas market with clear targets. Also, keeping up with the times and complying with the environmental

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(Head of business are conducting product transactions with Indian customers.)

With clear goals, high and firm spirit and strong determination, in the past ten years, Qi De Company has unremittingly strove to overcome various kinds of difficulties in order to pursue its dream. Resulting from its great efforts, Qi De Company has gained great business achievement.  As Qi De continues to focus on innovation and keeps up with the times, even financial crisis fails to deter Qi De Company from rapid development. However, 2015 was a hard year for Qi De Company. Fortunately, our enlightened leader with unique perspective leaded us a correct direction toward development. Company culture also encourages us to go ahead and strive for more advancement, while company spirit enabled us to pursue innovation and development.   In relentless and brutal social competition, we staffs performed well with greater solidarity. And it's believed that Qi De Company will have more strength to face challenges and great confidence to create more value.
Under great support, the head of Qi De business actively changed development methods, gaining new customers from now existing customers and directly to talking with them. As we all know, the public praise of products is very important, and then following the question: How to build word-of-mouth referrals? It depends on strict requirement for every product by all the department staffs in Qi De Company. Through our common efforts, the number of Indian customers has increased a lot because they believe that Qi De Company is powerful and promising.




Address:Nansha Industrial Zone, Danzao Town, Foshan, China.


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